Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera

A late summer excursion saw us visit one of Italy’s finest world heritage sites, Cinque Terre. Located on the Italian Riviera sits 5 aged villages painted in traditional Mediterranean colours, nestled along the rugged coastline. We trekked over to this hidden gem from Florence after hiring a car and driving via Pisa to get to the area. A journey that was well worth the effort for the views.

Watch out driving around Cinque Terra though as the roads are exceptionally narrow and parking isn’t ideal – book to stay somewhere that includes parking. Oh and be careful swinging by Pisa and putting the ‘leaning tower of Pisa’ in your satnav, we ended up about 40ft away after accidentally driving through a controlled traffic zone. Now we’re waiting for our expectant court date and fine to come through. I’m already paranoid for the next time I have to cross the Italian border. Check out some of the pictures.

Me pushing over the leaning tower.

Village in Cinque Terre

Village in Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre coast